Africa Wiki Women’s 4th Training Session for the Inspire Inclusion 2024 Campaign: Office Hour for Wikipedia

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On May 03, 2024,  Africa Wiki Women hosted the 4th Inspire Inclusion 2024 Campaign. The online session continued with “Office Hour for wikipedia ”. The training session was led by Miracle James, a core team member of the Africa Wiki Women, and moderated by Linason Blessing. The session attracted over 10 participants, including project leads and community members from Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania,  Ruby D Brown  provided a brief overview of the campaign, she elaborated further on the scholarship criteria which was followed by the Question and answer sessions. 

Key highlights: 

The session commenced with the welcoming of participants, followed by a general overview of the projects, their targets, and statistics detailing what has been achieved. The Office hour was utilised to address challenges encountered during editing or any steps participants might have overlooked. Additionally, it served as a refresher on how they could contribute effectively to Wikipedia. Participants posed questions such as, ‘When is the deadline for this project?’, ‘What types of articles will they be working on?’, and ‘How do we update Wikipedia articles?’ These questions were answered by Miracle and other team members during the call. Subsequently, Miracle led the practical editing sessions on Wikipedia.

She gave more emphasis on the kind of sources to be used when adding references on Wikipedia article and how blogs are not allowed on Wikipedia because it is self owned, she did practical on how to add internal link on keywords on Wikipedia, she went further to add reference on an article making minor edits on the article and how to add categories on an article on Wikipedia.

Furthermore Miracle made major edits on wikipedia, by expanding an article and creating an article from scratch, she added a new section and also created an article from scratch.

In case you missed the session, the link to access it is available on the community meta page. Additionally, we encourage you to register for our upcoming sessions to ensure you receive timely email notifications one hour before each online session begins. We encourage you to visit our YouTube channel as well for previous sessions recordings. If you wish to become an active member of our community, please take a moment to complete the registration form. Let’s work together to bridge the gap on information about women on Wikipedia and sister projects.

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