Bridging the gap of health articles in Nigeria through Wikimedia projects

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In previous years, there has being different campaigns granted by Wikimedia projects revolving around culture, bridging the gap of information, sport and games among others. However, In Nigeria, focus on health articles as a campaign is limited and this is what birth the project ‘Wiki And Health articles in Nigeria Project‘ led by Tesleemah, an event organiser who had led several other projects in the Wiki space.

Wiki and Health articles in Nigeria Project aims to create awareness and bridge the knowledge gap of health content in Nigeria. This will lead to a higher rate of youth involvement in health advocacy, bridge the existing content gap on Wikipedia and Wikidata, and increase the number of health professionals actively engaged in fighting preventable diseases in their communities.

For sustainability and to reach larger audience of health professionals, we partnered with HealthForAll Iniative for community health, Medical World and Nigerian Optometric Student’s Association, Unilorin Chapter.

To engage participants, online sessions were held by Taoheedah, Taofeeq and Ibjaja055 which involve training on Wikipedia especially rules guiding MEDR as it pertain to medical articles, Wikidata, Wikimedia common and translation of Medical articles to local languages. During the sessions, the partners were spotlighted and further engage the participants on the importance of contributing to health articles.

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Also, we collaborated with the Wiki Project Medicine through the chair, Dr James Heilman, Wiki Project Medicine is a thematic organisation of Wikimedia based in United States which focused on health promotion. Dr James Heilman also facilitate during the virtual sessions where he took the participants through editing medical articles and translation to local languages.

Virtual session for Wiki and Health

The physical sessions of the project was held at Mustapha Akanbi library, Ilorin where selected medical students and experts were trained on how to contribute their quota to health sector through the open knowledge of Wikimedia.

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You can reach out and learn more about the project through these links :

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