Wikipedians and wikiprojects highlighted during the celebration of the 23rd anniversary of Spanish Wikipedia

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The Wikipedian community celebrated 23 years of Spanish Wikipedia, through an online meeting, where the actions, wikipedians and wikiprojects highlighted during the last year were nominated. This celebration brought together different Spanish-speaking countries, such as Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay and Spain.

The nomination took place prior to the celebration. To do so, the community was encouraged to propose wikipedians or wikiprojects to be highlighted, and from these proposals, 1) three good wiki actions, 2) three wikipedians and 3) three wikiprojects were selected and congratulated during the celebration.

Thus, the nomination was as follows. Through a few words explaining the motivation for their nomination, the community expressed their gratitude.

At the level of three good actions

This is a thank you notification. This feature allows editors to send a ‘thank you’ notification to users who make useful edits.

This is a mentoring module, accessible from the home page for new users and novice editors on Wikipedia.

The sandbox space provides a place to start article development or testing. It is useful for learning how to edit Wikipedia articles and practising wiki code syntax, as well as creating an article for later publication in the encyclopaedia.

At Wikipedian level

‘Because it’s incredible the amount of work he does and he’s always willing to share and teach other people.

‘Because he always helps me with what I need and motivates me to write articles on different topics, especially gastronomy and LGBT+ issues.

‘I want to celebrate the user for being a great technical and human support to all the members of the LGBT wikiproject in Spanish. His dedication and availability are an important pillar in the functioning and support of the project’.

‘For her tireless will in the Wikimedia projects’.

‘For her ongoing contribution to Wikidata and the broadening of knowledge’.

‘I want to celebrate the quiet, personal and friendly collaborative work that the user does for different people and projects. I find their personal support and their serenity to come up with new visions valuable, as well as their willingness to reconcile and their unselfish willingness to collaborate in the development of other ideas anywhere in the region’.

‘For creating serobot’.

‘He is very dedicated and committed to the encyclopaedia and the people he collaborates with. He is always willing to help and give guidance.

‘Personally, he has supported me with doubts and cheers’.

‘He edits like a crazy person’.

At Wikiproject level

‘Because currently, and without a doubt, it is the wikiproject with the most activity, the most organised and with a long-term commitment. After its inactivity, it was rescued from disappearance by a group of people who share common goals: free knowledge, visibility, activism, camaraderie and learning. Now the outlook is encouraging, and the figures support the project: every year the number of articles and annexes published by people belonging to the wikiproject increases, Featured and Good articles are postulated, contents are improved, the edition is focused with a gender perspective and a look at the Global South, and there are activities and constant dissemination. I want to celebrate this wikiproject because it helps to channel what in principle represents a hobby, into something that undoubtedly benefits the commons’.

‘For his great work to make visible the LGBT community and especially all genders other than male to close the gender gap that exists in Wikipedia’.

‘I think this project is important for two reasons: personal and circumstantial. The first is because I got to know the various figures and moments of the LGBT community, both in literature and culture, especially in Peru, and with the wikiproject I was able to update myself and get to know the importance of this community. Currently, I am creating articles focused on trans women in Peru. On the other hand, its dissemination is necessary due to the current events in Peru in the face of the pathologisation of trans people by the health authorities. I believe that the participants in the project will raise their voices in protest against what has been happening for a few weeks, whether in the writing of entries or in activism’.

‘It is a very active and therefore up-to-date wikiproject. Thanks to its aim to work on the coverage of articles linked to climate change, it improves the quality of the encyclopaedia, its neutrality and reliability. It is also a topic on the agenda and the consequences of climate change are felt most in the Global South so it is essential that everyone can be informed about it’.

‘It is a great project to improve the accessibility of the information Wikipedia contains in a human and user-friendly way. I think this recognition can serve to give it renewed momentum.’

We would like to congratulate the outstanding wikiprojects and wikipedians during the 23 years of Spanish Wikipedia, for such a well-deserved recognition, and thank them for all the work they carry out helping or teaching other people; as well as, improving or expanding the quality of the content in Wikipedia through the wikiprojects.  

In addition, here are some phrases of thanks to the Wikipedia project from the Spanish-speaking community… Thank you for so much! 

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Wikimedistas de Uruguay

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