Behind the Screen

Behind the Screen: Our Collective Impact Across the Regions

As a movement we are no strangers to sharing knowledge, we contribute to free and easily accessible knowledge on a daily basis. But for a diverse, decentralized, and devolved movement like ours, sharing our own stories and spreading knowledge of our movement within the movement is critical to celebrating our shared impact. We need to celebrate the humans (and the bots!) behind the screen!

The Behind the Screen series celebrates tireless Wikimedians who make free knowledge possible. It brings to the ‘screen’ stories from different regions of our global movement, in a multilingual format with a simple aim of sharing, honoring, and celebrating impact across regions.

These stories will be narrated and told by members of our community who have been working to achieve impact. The series will feature voices old and new from amongst thousands of editors, contributors, organizers, and volunteers.

This will be our chance to hear from the movement on the impact we have achieved or are working towards. 

Behind the Screen is an initiative that is rooted in the Wikimedia Foundation’s Annual Plan for 2022-23 aims to take forward the Movement Strategy’s goal of Knowledge Equity and advancing the same through a stronger regional focus. We hope to connect, communicate and collaborate with movement members from across geographies to know and share their impact, achievement, and future plans. We want to capture and showcase the impact we have achieved- together.

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