Your October milestones include Wikidata's 15 millionth item

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Wikidata Birthday Cake First Cut.jpg
Wikidata hit 15 million items this month, not long before its third birthday celebrations in Berlin. Photo by Jason Krüger, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.
While the English Wikipedia’s 5 million article milestone just missed the cut, several other Wikimedia projects celebrated milestones of their own in the month of October.
On October 27, Wikidata hit 15 million items—and two days later celebrated its third birthday, with celebrations in Berlin. It’s now the third most-active Wikimedia project behind the English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, with around 5,900 active users in June 2015.
Several language editions of Wikipedia crossed major article milestones—on October 12, the Georgian Wikipedia became the 54th project to reach 100,000 articles, and on the 29th, the Azerbaijani Wikipedia joined them in that club as the 55th.
Early in the month, the Catalan Wiktionary hit the 150,000 entry milestone, while the Hungarian Wiktionary reached 300,000 entries towards the end of October—only the 18th Wiktionary to reach this particular milestone.
Bots again played a role in growing some of the smaller Wikimedia projects this month, with the Min Nan Wikipedia growing by ten thousand articles in just eight days.

Other selected milestones

October 3
The Catalan Wiktionary has reached 150,000 entries.
The Serbian Wiktionary has reached 40,000 entries, as a bot has added over 5,000 entries in the last 24 hours.
The Maithili Wikipedia has reached 1,000 articles.
The Oriya Wikipedia has reached 10,000 articles.
The Tamil Wikipedia has reached 70,000 articles.
The Min Nan Wikipedia has reached 50,000 articles.[1]
The Hindi Wikibooks has reached 200 book modules.
The Alemannic Wikipedia has reached 20,000 articles.
The Georgian Wikipedia has reached 100,000 articles.
The Min Nan Wikipedia has reached 60,000 articles.[1]
The Asturian Wikipedia has reached 30,000 articles.
The Emilian-Romagnol Wikipedia has reached 5,000 articles.
The Japanese Wikisource has reached 5,000 text units.
The Sardinian Wikipedia has reached 5,000 articles.
The Croatian Wiktionary has reached 30,000 entries.
The Hungarian Wiktionary has reached 300,000 entries.
Wikidata has reached 15,000,000 items.
The Azerbaijani Wikipedia has reached 100,000 articles.
Joe Sutherland
Communications intern
Wikimedia Foundation


  1. a b This is primarily due to bot activity.

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