Sakizaya Wikipedia Workshop ended, Taiwan’s ethnic languages in Wikipedia are moving to a new phase

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Since Sakizaya Wikipedia was released in November 2019, there are over 1,840 articles added during the period. Soon after, together with the Center for Aboriginal Studies of National Chengchi University, Wikimedia Taiwan visited the office of Sakizaya Language Promoting Organization located in Hualien City. The purpose of the visit was to respond to the will from tribes that they want to utilize some feature modules from other Wikipedia projects and to conduct the education on migrating and translating modules into Sakizaya Wikipedia.

Wikimedia Taiwan has successfully lead the tribe translating multiple modules from Chinese Wikipedia to Sakizaya Wikipedia during the workshop, and the translation was completed by the tribe themself, such as “taazihan mitudung” refers to module and “cudad” refers to description. There were 4 modules translated in a single day. More in-depth information can be found in: taazihan mitudung:Birth date and age, taazihan mitudung:Death date and age, taazihan mitudung:Age, taazihan mitudung:BD.

Besides the migration of modules, the language tag “szy” on Wiki-meta has started to function due to the launch of Sakizaya Wikipedia. Especially in Wiki Common and Wikidata, “szy” already served for the use of cross-language property.

Wikimedia Taiwan also taught people in the tribe on how to use Wiki Common and Wikidata during the workshop. There are 50 images edited with Sakizaya descriptions, and over 100 Wikidata items and properties were translated. More achievements can be found here: Dashboard, Category:Images have sakizaya descriptions.

In the past most people of Taiwan’s ethnic languages did not create their pages across Wikimedia projects, they could only work on translation and editing Wikipedia pages. But now, we are able to reach a more diverse range! We expect more and more culture can be preserved through Wikimedia projects.

Recently Atayal Wikipedia (tay) and Seediq Wikipedia (trv) are also released, and we welcome everyone to keep track of these Taiwan’s ethnic language achievements.

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