Wikimania 2021 – captions and subtitles, oh my!

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The organizers of Wikimania 2021 are providing live audio translations for much of the event. Two buildings, as well as the main stage, will have full translation support: Movement Groups & Affiliate Track and the Individuals & Collectives Track

Full translation means from English to the supported languages and from those languages back to English. The supported 6 languages – in addition to English – are Arabic, French, German, Chinese, Russian and Spanish (the official United Nations languages plus German).  

For step by step instructions on how to enable audio translations, please see the following guidebooks (PDF).

For more information on our translation strategy, see our earlier blog post

How are we providing captions/subtitles?

Within the setup of the virtual event platform Remo, we will be making use of Youtube’s streaming service. What this means is that within Remo, you will be able to view sessions similar to watching a video on Youtube. 

We are using the streaming service from Youtube in the production of the sessions, this means that captions will be enabled using the Closed Captioning function of Youtube. Please note that we are dependent on the time it takes for YouTube to process the captions. Therefore captions/subtitles will only be available in mid-September after the live session has concluded. 

All sessions will be made available on-demand, on the Wikimania Youtube channel, momentarily after the session took place. Multi-lingual captions will be enabled by using Youtube’s automated captioning service. In order for this to be possible, Youtube will need varying durations for processing the feed and enable multilingual captions. 

In what languages will I be able to read captions?

Captions will be enabled for all of the languages that YouTube is currently supporting. This is Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

For more information on what will happen with captions and translations after Wikimania, see this blog post.

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