Wikimedia X Rocket Science: Project Korikath makes ties with AERD to enrich Wikimedia Commons in rocketry related media files

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Project Korikath and Amateur Experimental Rocketry Dhaka – AERD agreed to collaborate on increasing rocketry related educational media files in Wikimedia Commons. From now on, AERD will share their knowledge and equipment with Project Korikath to document them for the Wikimedia ecosystem. The organization has plans to launch a weather balloon as well as its first rocket in the Bangladeshi skies in the next few months and Project Korikath will hopefully be present during the events to collect knowledge for the wikimedia ecosystem. The equipment will be photographed, the experiments will be recorded and videos of young AERD researchers describing the science behind these experiments will be shot and all these media files will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Project Korikath will invest its knowledge, experience as well as its gears to get the best out of this collaboration and prepare a rich pool of free resources to be used in the world’s largest encyclopedia and its sister projects. We hope to come up with the first batch of media files within the next two weeks if everything goes alright. So, keep your eyes on Diff for another blog!

The graphical announcement of the collaboration.

Project Korikath, as a non-affiliated independent Wikimedia group, is dedicated to enhancing the Wikimedia ecosystem by emphasizing non-textual forms of knowledge. We place a particular focus on media files that contain knowledge from underrepresented regions. What sets Project Korikath apart is the introduction of a distinctive culture of Wikimedia activism that we incorporate into our daily lives. We recently celebrated the project’s first anniversary. You can read more about it in our previous Diff post here.

Established in February 2022, AERD is a rocketry-based research initiative that has since then made remarkable strides in its journey of innovation and exploration. Since its inception, AERD has achieved significant milestones, including the successful testing of Bangladesh’s first hybrid rocket engine. Simultaneously, we’re working on 4 additional research papers, and a weather balloon which is a collective of undergraduate students in Bangladesh spearheaded by AERD in the hopes of improving weather forecasts and gathering rocket launch site information. On top of that, the team is also working on the launch of a solid and hybrid rocket by the end of 2023 and the achievement of rocket VTOL capacities by next March. 

AERD-provided description of their organization

The organizations, together, hope to make rocketry knowledge open and accessible to anyone who wishes to open up their wings in the realm of rocket science. See you in Wikimedia!

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