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♻️ Building family trees and other diagrams with Wikidata

17 March 2022 @ 17:00 17:50 UTC

♻️ This event is part of the Wikidata Data Reuse Days 2022.

Data stored in Wikidata can be presented in multiple ways, to make the data more visual, to connect data pieces with others and to enriched with context. In this session, we will present several tools that visualize Wikidata’s data with family trees and similar diagrams:

  • Royal Trees is a free website that presents royal and famous family trees from across the world, covering all historical periods. Trees can be displayed for individuals, for kingdoms/states and for royal houses, and a ‘tunnel’ function allows the relationship(s) between any two individuals to be shown. Over 99% of the data is sourced from Wikidata. and the site is integrated with Wikipedia for display of additional text and images, including a multi-language facility.
  • Linked People is a data visualization tool that benefits from the wealth of family relationships in Wikidata and creates family trees of characters (in movies, TV shows, and books) as well as individuals and well-known people.
  • Entitree provides various tools to visualize data about people on dynamic tree diagrams with a multilingual, customized interface, connecting data with other sources.

Each project will be presented in 10 minutes, then we will have some time for discussions and exchange on various themes: How do they retrieve and use Wikidata’s data? What interesting challenges did they encountered on the way? How could we allow editing Wikidata’s data directly from these external websites? Participants will also have the opportunity to share their favorite tools presenting data in a visual form.

About this session

  • Facilitation: Alan Ang (WMDE) + speakers from projects mentioned above
  • Type: presentations and discussion
  • Language: English
  • Audience: everyone is welcome!
  • Collaborative notes
  • Slides: LinkedPeople
  • Recording: none