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♻️ Conzept: An attempt to build an encyclopedia for the 21st century

17 March 2022 @ 13:00 13:50 UTC

♻️ This event is part of the Wikidata Data Reuse Days 2022.

Conzept is a topic-exploration tool based on: Wikipedia, Wikidata, the Open Library, Archive.org, YouTube, the GBIF and many other information sources. A semantic web app build for fun, education and research. I will go through the main ideas behind Conzept. What the current status of the project is. What issues regarding Wikidata were encountered. And what the future roadmap may look like.

About this session

  • Speakers: Jama Poulsen (software developer, teacher at a school for gifted children)
  • Type: presentation and discussions
  • Language: English
  • Audience: Wikipedia readers, people/organizations interested in knowledge base interfaces.
  • Collaborative notes
  • Slides: to be added here
  • Recording: none