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♻️ Mismatch Finder: empowering data re-users to give back

22 March 2022 @ 16:00 16:50 UTC+0

♻️ This event is part of the Wikidata Data Reuse Days 2022.

The Mismatch Finder is a new tool that helps data reusers give back. Wikidata says one thing but you have a reference that says differently, incl. Your own internal quality assurance processes? The Mismatch Finder is a new way to let the Wikidata editors know about this potential improvement you have. In this session we will give you a demo of the tool and show how you can prepare an upload with potential improvements for individual statements in Wikidata.

About this session

  • Speakers: Lydia Pintscher (WMDE)
  • Type: presentation and discussions
  • Language: English
  • Audience: everyone is welcome!
  • Collaborative notes
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  • Recording: none