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Let’s Connect Learning Clinic: Wikidata for Wiki Loves Monuments Series 3

9 November 2023 @ 15:00 17:00 UTC

:point_right: What is this Learning Clinic Series for? Eager to master the art of adding monument data and enhancing its quality on Wikidata for the “Wiki Loves Monuments” campaign? Dive into this Learning Clinic Series for a comprehensive guide to these vital techniques by Alicia and Eric from Wikimedia Sweden.

:warning: This is a Registration Form for Learning Clinic Three :warning:
What is Learning Clinic Three for?
Alicia and Eric from Wikimedia Sweden will give a practical overview of the use of;

  • OpenRefine- develop your own workflow and ways of solving problems.
  • OpenRefine-important for mass editing datasets to Wikidata.

We will then look at how this Clinic Series can best support your own workflows, with practical exercises and tips.

:point_right: What are the Learning outcomes of session 3?

  • Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of OpenRefine’s capabilities and functionalities.
  • Participants will be equipped to develop personalized workflows and methodologies for problem-solving using OpenRefine.
  • Participants will master the techniques of mass editing datasets in OpenRefine for efficient integration into Wikidata.
  • Participants will learn how to use OpenRefine to streamline data management tasks on Wikidata.
  • Establish a connection with Wikimedia Sweden and the Content Partnerships Hub for ongoing support and continued assistance with OpenRefine.

:point_right: What do I need to prepare for session 3? :brain:
If you miss the session 1 and 2, kindly access the session resources here and complete practical exercises and 2. This series will provide a practical guide on how to use OpenRefine on Wikidata.