Wikimania for newbies – top things to do and see

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It’s Wikimania week for 2022 and the countdown for the event has begun! First of all – make sure you have registered and once you have done that, you will receive an email giving you your login password. You can join our platform for this year, Pheedloop, any time from now till the event ends. 

Find out more about how Pheedloop works and once you have logged in, you can update your profile and join others in the Lobby to say hi in the chat and introduce yourself in the photo booth. Once you are in Pheedloop, you can look through the session schedule and start to build your own personal calendar of sessions – creating your own unique programme! 

As a newcomer to Wikimedia and Wikimania, you probably will want to look for sessions that have the “Ideal for newcomer” tag. You also want to try and catch as many of the lightning talks as you can, as they’ll be lightweight glimpses into what our communities (and even sometimes the Foundation) does on the projects, in an easy to digest format. 

There will also be arts, culture and entertainment every day, featuring local groups and affiliates – a fun way to get to know what communities are doing across the globe. Look out for interactive sessions too, from Meditação do Riso (Laughter meditation) to walking your pet round your local area to get some fresh air, to a cookout where we can be together to make delicious food to keep us going.  The Wikimedian of the Year awards will also be announced on the last day, Sunday 14, with multiple awards being given out – a special time for the community to recognise people from across the movement. 

There will also be a Newcomers group in the networking space, where there will be Wikimedian volunteers there to say hi, answer questions and give you insights into joining the community. If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer choice of things to listen to and do – fear not! As the majority of sessions will be recorded and then posted after the event for everyone to go back and enjoy on Pheedloop, on Youtube, and after the event has ended, on Wikimedia Commons!. 

Make sure you also check out all the in person events happening – in case there is one nearby for you to join! If you have any problems or questions during the scheduled event, we have a team of people there to help out – contact the Helpdesk and also check in with the Newcomers networking group.

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