Monthly report from Eugene, Caner and Taufik (December 2023)

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In this article, Eugene Ormandy from Japan, Caner from Turkey and Taufik Rosman from Malaysia introduce their activities in December 2023.


Caner created a logo for this project. The triangle came from the location of three countries and colors has meanings too. Turquoise is the historical and cultural color of Turkey, red one came from Japan flag and golden one came from Malaysia flag. In addition, interlocking triangles represent diversity.

Kurmanbek, CC BY-SA 4.0

Q1. How did you contribute to Wikimedia projects in December 2023?

Eugene Ormandy : I held a Japan-Malaysia Friendship editathon with Taufik. I am very honored that various institutions cooperated the event.

In addition, I wrote 6 articles on Diff and 2 articles on Japanese Wikipedia. Moreover, three articles in which I talked with Dr. Sae Kitamura (aka User:さえぼー) were published on a Japanese Web magazine. Of course I reported it on Diff.

It was a great pleasure that I could hold a Wikimedia lecture for librarians in December. I introduced how I enjoy contributing Wikimedia project based on a Diff article I wrote. Of course I reported the experience on Diff.

Caner : In December, as it was the end of the year, I prepared an Almanac consisting of the activities we carried out throughout 2023 as Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey.

Additionally, as the ambassador of the MCDC Ambassador Program, which we carried out within the Wikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group, I published the end of the program report on Diff.

Taufik Rosman : This month, we organised our Japan-Malaysia Wikipedia editathon for the second year. For this year, it was in conjunction with ASEAN and Japan 50 years anniversary. We were glad to organise this concurrently with Japan again.

Q2. What was the most impressive news of Wikimedia Movement in December 2023?

Eugene Ormandy : A Japanese Diff article titled 調査手法の一事例:些細な誤謬を訂正する was excellent. This is a report of how to utilize NDL Digital Collections, a service held by the National Diet Library Japan for editing a Wikipedia article. I think this article would become a good tool for persuading Japanese institutions to use their services for Wikimedia.

The author of this article is User:Uraniwa, a member of the Student Wikipedian Community in Waseda University Tokyo. I am very proud of collaborating with such a talented Wikimedian.

Caner : Diff articles published in December were the results and outcomes of Wikimania 2023. Because it aroused my curiosity about what kind of results an event I attended achieved. Also, I was very happy and motivated to see the huge team behind Wikimania 2023, the efforts put in and the success that resulted. Also, I was surprised and motivated to see the Wikimania Japan-Turkey Friendship Project, which we carried out with Eugene, among the outcomes.

Taufik Rosman : What caught my attention was this Diff post titled “There is a Wikipedian in the Village: The first training in a village in Turkey” by Adem. Malaysia tries to do more events in villages as most of them still practise their culture and indigenous languages.

Q3. What did you learn about your friends’ communities in December 2023?

Eugene Ormandy : I created an article of [[言語図書局]] on Japanese Wikipedia. It is one of the Malaysia’s government institution, which coordinating the use of the Malay language and Malay-language literature.

言語図書局 (Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka) in Malaysia (CEphoto, Uwe Aranas, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Caner : As an interest from my childhood, I found Yakisugi, a Japanese traditional wood preservation method, while researching Japan and Japan culture. When I saw that the article was not included in the Turkish Wikipedia, I immediately started translating it and published it. Additionally, this article I published made history as the first article published in Turkish Wikipedia in 2024 according to Wiki time.

Art House Project in Naoshima, Kagawa prefecture, Japan by 663highland (663highland, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Taufik Rosman : I was reading the Wikipedia article about the Ottoman architecture. Some of the buildings here in Malaysia especially mosques get their inspiration from Ottoman architecture.


Eugene Ormandy : I was impressed by “THE GREATEST UNKNOWN,” the newest album of a Japanese band King Gnu. Complicated but melodious tunes knocked me out.

Caner : December is the last month of the year and is a time when we review what we have done and experienced throughout the year. While I was thinking about all this, Cüneyd Orhon‘s song called Rast Taksimi playing in the background made me go deeper, remember what I had forgotten, and end the year 2023 happily.

Taufik Rosman : For this month, I recommend to listen this Japanese pop song titled “Question” by meiyo. I listened to this exactly one year ago.

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