Lost? Confused? It’s OK, we’ll get through this. Here’s a helpful guide to Diff.

How do I join?

To join Diff, authenticate with your Wikimedia account (use the “Login with MediaWiki” button). Once logged in you can submit a draft or leave a comment.

How can I publish something?

Please see the editorial guidelines and publishing checklist for all the details.

How can I add an event to the calendar?

Please see the calendar guide for all the details.

How do I translate?

Please see the guide to translation. Posts, pages, interface, and menus can all be translated.

How do I add a bio?

When publishing an article on Diff an archive page is created listing all published posts (example). You can share a short biography, title, or position within an organization by editing your profile.

Can my post be featured on the Diff homepage?

Yes! We can accommodate requests to feature a blog post. Get in touch with the team to discuss timing and length for featuring a post.

I have a question about an old blog post

Diff combines the archives of the Wikimedia Blog (2008- 2018), Wikimedia Space (2019-2020) and a selection of news posts from the Wikimedia Foundation site (August 2018-December 2019). These posts were written at a different point in time and under different editorial and content guidelines than Diff.

These older sites also used different customizations to display images and thumbnails and may not look correctly on Diff. If you would like to update a post, join Diff and contact the team. We can give you the user rights to edit the published posts. Please don’t edit the content as that may lead to confusion for readers.


Comments are closed for posts older than 21 days. This includes any posts from these archives. If you notice any spam or Code of Conduct violations, please flag the comment for the moderation team.

I still have questions!

If you notice an issue with authorship, images, or other technical bits, please contact the Diff team. You can leave a note on the Diff project talk page on Meta or email us at Bug reports and feature requests can be made on Phabricator. Please add the #diff-blog tag when creating new tasks.

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